Things to do With Your Kids This Halloween

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It spooky season and here at Midvale Apartments we want you to have the best Halloween. There are always fun things for you to go and do during the month of October. Kids love the Halloween season, especially all the candy that comes with it. There are many things you can do to get your children in the Halloween spirit.


Go to a pumpkin patch and corn maze. There are so many pumpkin patches to go to here in Utah and they are all fun. Kids love jumping in the corn pits and going down the slides. When you enter the corn maze let your kid lead. See how long it takes them to successfully navigate the maze. At some pumpkin patches there is a hayride and even a haystack your kids can climb on. A day at the pumpkin patch is a great fun day for the whole family.


While you are at the pumpkin patch pick out some pumpkins to carve. Carve them a few days before Halloween so they are fresh for that night. This is a great way for your kids to get creative. Let them cut the pumpkin however they want. Make sure you use a candle to make your pumpkin come to life. 


Let your kids help you decorate your apartment. Have them cut our paper ghosts and pumpkins. Use candles to make a silhouette. If you have any decorations let your kids put them up. However you decorate, just have fun with it. 


Make a Halloween treat with your kids. Sugar cookies are perfect for this. Let your kids cut them out and frost them. You can teach your kids how to bake while having fun. Once all the cookies are frosted, take some over to neighbors. 


Have a family movie night. Pick a fun Halloween movie that you know your kids will enjoy. Movies like Charlie Brown, Casper, and Nightmare Before Christmas are great movies for kids. Don’t forget the popcorn!


The most important activity of October is Halloween. Go trick or treating with your kids. This is one of the best nights of the entire year and make sure you can enjoy it as a family. Go and get all of that candy.

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