Fun things to do as a couple, with social distancing

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Quarantine and social distancing has made date night a little more complicated but that does not mean that you still can not have a ton of fun and make meaningful memories. Planning a date  takes a little bit more time to plan and figure out something to do, but with some creativity and out of the box thinking you can come up with some incredible ideas and activities. 


With many indoors facilities closed it can be hard to find something to do, that requires minimal planning, but there are other things to do that are outside. Going on a hike, picnic, taking a walk or stroll, find a local body of water to play in, go to a national park near you, or find a park and just talk. Find an open field of grass and play soccer or find a basketball hoop and play some pick up ball. 


If you are not comfortable going out there are plenty of things to do at home, in your Apartments in Midvale. There are a variety of DIY youtube videos that you can explore together, outdoor movies in your backyard, backyard sports, cooking dinner and having a fancy candlelight meal, baking cookies or other desserts and enjoying each other’s company, or playing board games. You could even just set aside time to talk to each other. Find a fun television show to binge watch and get extremely into, so you can both geek out together. 


Whatever you choose to do just remember to enjoy the quality time you get to spend together. Quarantine can help you get to know one another even better. It is an amazing opportunity that you will never have again. Take advantage of it to make incredible memories to last a lifetime. 

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