Ready for fall and Halloween! Here are some fun things to do!

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Fall is finally here and you know what that means, its time for Halloween, pumpkins, falls colors, haunted houses, apple cider, sweater, and scary movies. There are so many fun things to do during this time of year.

Quarantine and COVID 19 might get in the way of doing some activities, but there are plenty of things to do. All you have to do is to remember to social distance and wear a mask. Many of our local Utah events are still up and running, with slight changes to protocol and cleaning guidelines. There is Frightmares at Lagoon, this event is the perfect combo of haunted house and fun theme park. Various pumpkin patches can be found just about everywhere, where you can get pumpkins, get lost in a corn maze, and play on whatever playground equipment they have. Haunted houses, woods, and buildings are also everywhere. Get a group of friends together and all get scared.

If you do not want to be out in public there are a variety of other activities that can be done at home. Fall desserts and baked goods are delicious and they are even more fun to bake. There are a lot of recipes that can be found online. Horror, thriller, and slasher movies play on repeat during October. These movies are a great opportunity to snuggle in close to someone you love in one of your Midvale UT Apartments. If you are not into that kind of thing these scary movies provide a fantastic opportunity to scare your friends.

Use your extra time to make the most amazing halloween costume ever. Find something that will make you stand out, and look good. Your costume creation is only limited by your creativity and imagination. So think outside the box and make something incredible.

This Fall can be super fun and amazing, go and find something to do. Get scary for Halloween. And do not forget to eat lots of great food.

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