Ways to keep kids entertain while making Thanksgiving dinner

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Making Thanksgiving dinner can be hard but having kids running around the Midvale UT Apartments makes it a lot worse. It can be hard for kids to sit still and relax because they are so excited for Thanksgiving dinner. 


Put the Thanksgiving Parade

The Macy’s Thanksgiving parade is a long standing family tradition for many people. You can introduce it to your kids and make it one of your many fun holiday traditions. Kids will love watching all of the amazing floats and performances, with a few of their favorite characters as giant balloons mixed in. There are also a lot of littler parades all around the country. Do some research and see if there is one near you. If there’s get your partner or the grandparents to take the kids. 


Have them help out in the kitchen

Kids love being involved and being helpful. They can not do the major cooking but there are many small ways they can help. They could mash the potatoes, mix the salad, clean up, or frost some turkey cookies to eat after dinner. These activities are super easy, and they do not need parental supervision to accomplish them. 


Play a holiday movie

There are an abundance of holiday movies that children of all ages can enjoy. There are classics like A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, that many of us grew up on. Many services also offer an array of other holiday movies. If you are not a person opposed to Christmas before Thanksgiving then get out some of your favorite holiday classics for your kids to enjoy. 


Have them get some fresh air and play outside

Bundle your kids up in jackets, coats, gloves, and a beanie and have them get some of that excited Thanksgiving energy before your guests arrive. This will help your dinner be calmer and more relaxing. But if the weather is wet be prepared for the kids coming back into the house soaking wet. 


These are just a few ideas but there are so many more. We hope you have an amazing Thanksgiving!


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