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Now that you have moved into your new apartment at Legacy Court Apartments in Midvale you can begin the process of organizing and making your apartment feel like home. Your place should be somewhere you can truly relax and leave all the cares of the world outside the front door. To help you in making your apartment feel more like home we have gathered some tips and tricks for you to try.


Do a Deep Cleaning

Before you get carried away with decorating, be sure to start with a deep clean. Get out the disinfectants, find some rags, and start scrubbing away any signs of past tenants. This gives you a fresh start both literally and figuratively. Once you have cleaned every inch of your apartment it will begin to look and even smell more familiar. Now you have a blank and clean canvas to work with when it comes to decorating.


Buy Furniture

You can’t get buy using milk crates as coffee tables forever. It is finally time to invest in some furniture to make your place feel more like home. This doesn’t mean you can’t hit up local garage sales and thrift stores. You can find some really nice pieces of furniture for a really great price. Pick pieces that will fit in your space and go with your sense of style.


Adjust the Lighting

We are all very particular about lighting when it comes to our homes. Depending on how bright or dim you like to have your living space will determine the type of lighting you will need. Don’t be afraid to get creative and add sources of light that go with your décor and style.


Pick your Scent

It has been proven that scent is the strongest tie to your memories. Pick a scent for your new place that either reminds you of home or one that can be your own signature scent. Having a signature scent will make your entire space feel cohesive and connected.


Display your Items from Home

Now that you have done the basics of creating a home like atmosphere in your apartment you can begin the decorating process. Bring in some new items and mix it up with the old. Such items can be the little knick knacks and heirlooms that will make the space feel like yours.


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