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When looking for an apartment you need to take into consideration how many items you own as well as your lifestyle and everyday habits. This is important to realize when it comes to closet space and how much of it you will be getting in your new apartment at Legacy Court Apartments in Midvale, Utah. While most of our units have walk-in-closets you might have more clothing or items than it can hold. If this is the case you need to start thinking creatively when it comes to storing your clothing. We have gathered some innovative closet ideas for you to try in your new apartment.



Shelving is an easy solution when it comes to needing more closet space outside of the closet. Shelving racks can be purchased at any hardware store and are fairly easy to assemble. This storage option is easy to use and provides instant access to any clothing you may store. To keep your clothing a little more organized on your shelving you can purchase bins large enough to store similar articles of clothing.


Detached Wardrobe Racks

These were made for the individuals that are lacking in necessary closet space. These closet racks help you to have more space for all of your clothes that are required to hang. These racks can also be found at most hardware stores or IKEA. They come in a variety of colors so you can use it as a statement piece to your room as well.


Under Your Bed

If you are looking for a more discrete way of storing your clothing you may want to consider the space under your bed. You can either purchase plastic bins or pull out drawers to slide into the space available under your bed. This is an easy solution for the clothes you need out of sight and that can easily be folded.



If you aren’t looking to install shelving or drawers you can always trust a bookcase to get the job done. You can choose to have your clothes out in the open or tuck them away in decorative storage bins. A bookcase is large enough to store a large amount of items and still great for everyday use.


No matter the size of your closet or the amount of items you bring along, you can always make your new apartment at Legacy Court Apartments in Midvale, Utah work for you. All it takes is a little creativity and thinking outside of the closet. For more information regarding our available apartments or our floor plans, give us a call today.

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