Successfully Organizing your Smaller Bathroom

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When it comes to apartments you are bound to have a smaller bathroom then you might be used to. At Legacy Court Apartments in Midvale we can provide you with a variety of floor plans to choose from, including a range of bathroom sizes and options. Below are some tips we have gathered to help you in maximizing your bathroom storage space in your rental.

Under the Sink

The main storage space would be the cabinets under your sink. While this gives a space to work with, the space doesn’t maximize the storage potential. By building under the sink storage you can maximize the space you must work with. Adding shelving and small pullout bins can give you even more storage space to work with. Don’t forget to add adhesive hooks for larger hair styling tools.

Decorative Jars

If you have the available counter space you can use decorative jars to hold the smaller bathroom accessories you use every day. You can either purchase jars or create your own to fit the décor of your bathroom. Place them on a tray to add some sophisticated style while maintaining the clutter.

Mounting Bins

A great way to create more storage is by mounting bins on an unused wall space. This can easily be done by installing towel racks and attaching bins to the racks with decorative ribbon. These bins are perfect for holding extra toiletries, towels, or washrags.

Cabinet Doors

A space that is not often utilized for storage is on the inside of cupboard doors. By using temporary adhesives, such as Command Strips and hooks, you can mount small plastic bins and organizers to hold a variety of bathroom accessories.

Floating Shelves

Adding shelving on any free wall space or even above the toilet can give you additional storage space. Floating shelving can give you the abundance of storage space. You can store decorative items or additional toiletries on your shelving. Don’t be afraid to get creative and use anything you can to keep your shelving neat and organized.

Hanging Storage

Additional storage space can be found behind your bathroom door. By adding hanging storage to the back of your door you can find the space you need to store all your hair accessories, styling tools, and even extra toiletries.

As you are finishing up your bathroom don’t forget to add your own personal touch and style. Don’t be afraid to add a pop of color with your décor items and towels. We at Legacy Court Apartments in Midvale want to help you in making your rental feel like home. Call us today to schedule a tour of our apartment complex.

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