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When you have a limited amount of space in your apartment or loft, you want to utilize every available space. Now that doesn’t mean it has to look cluttered or junkie. It can be organized and well designed, with shelves and hidden areas that give you somewhere to put your things as well as give your apartment a much more spacious feeling. There are a few tricks you can use to give yourself a little more room in a very intimate area.

Designated Areas

Think about the different things you want to do in your space, and establish separate and specific areas for these things. Setting up subtle designated area markings can give your space the feeling of having multiple rooms. Smaller furniture pieces like table and chairs, or a breakfast nook can really help break apart the room.

Visual Illusions

You want to play visual tricks with eyes. A mirror will always elongate a room, and make it appear to be larger than what it is. Floor to ceiling curtains and glass throughout the house will help to add to the illusion of more space. The idea is to feel like you have more space when you do not. A little illusion in your space can go a long way.

Functional Furniture

When you are purchasing furniture and pieces for your apartment, every piece should have a dual function. You want the maximum functionality out of your minimal space.  Instead of just getting a regular couch get a sleeper couch that is fashionable and functional. Instead of getting one large coffee table, get three smaller tables that you can either store things in or sit on if you need extra seating.

Think Vertically

Thinking vertically is a little bit of the visual illusion as well as making every space count. The wall space between the tops of furniture and above cabinets in the kitchen can all be used as a functional space. Having shelves mounted high or a vertical library ladder to get to the space above the cabinet allows you to use that available space and draws the eyes vertically instead of horizontally.

These are just some ideas you can be thinking about when you are looking at apartments in Midvale, Utah. They have the ideal space to let your creativity flow and design an area that you and your family are comfortable with.

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