Creative ways to organize a kids room

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Kids love making messes. From toys strewn around a room to an unmade bed. It is hard to help them keep their room clean. All they want to do is play. Here are a few simple tips and tricks to get your kid to clean their room. 


Work with them

Work alongside your kids instead of watching them and supervising. Kids love spending quality time with their parents, and it helps them want to work.  Memories will be made and their room will get cleaned. If you have younger kids, find an easy way to get them involved. Doing this can help them for habits they can continue to improve. Have younger kids sort socks or pick up their toys. WIth them occupied and helping you can organize and deep clean their room. 


Take an inventory of their room

As your cleaning and organizing go through and find things that your child no longer uses. This could be old toys, clothes that are small, items that are never used. Many different people could benefit from your old things. You could find a family friend in need, donate them to a local charity, or place them in storage at your Midvale UT Apartments. Others can benefit from your old belongings. 

Find fun containers to store their things

There are a lot of different containers out there. Many stores and websites offer kid friendly containers. If you are not interested in buying a new container, refurbish an old one. There are DIY’s that can help you transform a boring old box into a fun storage bin for toys. As you are organizing, talk with your child and decide how you want to organize their things. Make labels and make sure they know where everything goes. 


Kids will appreciate the time you spend with them as you help them clean and organize their room. 


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