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Moving can be very stressful. From packing things, trying not to break fragile items, organizing boxes, moving appliances, figuring out how to pack and move furniture, put everything in the moving truck, and unpacking. There is a lot to do. 



Being organized can help packing go quicker and smoother. Before starting to pack go through your things and determine what will be going to your new home and what will be being donated or thrown away. Get the necessary equipment, including padding for fragile items. Once that has been established you can begin to pack your belongings into boxes. Pack breakable items with padding and bubble wrap. Fill the box so items will not shift on the ride to your new home. Label your boxes so you know what is in them. Taking the time to pack now will help your unpacking be easier and faster. 


The moving truck

Hiring a good moving truck is critical for moving. Research and find a truck in your price range. Companies will have a size and price guide to help you find the right size of truck for your move. When packing a moving truck start with the larger heavier items and boxes. Then build up from there. Place boxes with fragile items in a spot where they are secure and are not at risk of getting broken. 



Beginning to unpack your belongings can seem daunting. If it seems like too much you can take it slow. Unpack the necessary things you will need the very day you move in. Leave other boxes till tomorrow when you are well rested and ready to go. Because you labeled your boxes you know what is in them and what room they belong in. Help yourself by taking the time to organize things right the first time. If you do not you will end up doing it at some point in the future. Once you are all unpacked you can sit back and enjoy your Midvale Apartment Rentals.

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