How to Winter-Proof your Apartment

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The winter months are fast approaching. You will want to make sure you are taking the necessary steps to prepare your home for the cold winter nights. Even though you are renting an apartment from Legacy Court Apartments in Midvale, Utah which come with a heating system there are extra steps you can take to make sure you stay warm over the next few months.


Plastic Film for the Windows

Putting plastic film over your windows can help winter proof the apartment by trapping warm air from escaping through one of the places it’s most likely to escape, the glass in your windows. Window insulation kits are inexpensive and easy to install. When spring comes, you can just pull on the film and tape and won’t cause any damage to the windowsills. Put film on all of the windows, including a sliding glass door if you have one.


Use Draft Guards

Draft Guards are your door’s best friend when it comes to keeping out the cold air that seeps in underneath your doors. You have to use draft guards on your front door to winter proof your apartment, especially if the door opens directly to outdoors. Every time you enter the home and intend to stay a while, put a draft guard tightly at the bottom of the door in order to keep cold air from coming into the apartment.


Use Dark and Thick Curtains

When it’s not sunny out, you should cover the windows with dark, thick curtains, which can help trap heat. When the sun does come out after a cloudy day you can open your curtains and get the warmth of the sunlight into your apartment. Just remember to close the curtains at night to keep the warm temperature in your home regulated.


Clean your Heating Vents

To make sure you are getting the most out of your heating system you will want to make sure your heating vents are clean and clear of any dust or debris. Make sure no furniture or clutter is blocking the air vents and that all of the air vents are open.


For more tips when it comes to maintaining and loving your new apartment at Legacy Court Apartments in Midvale, Utah make sure you follow our blog and check out our website often.

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