Holiday Decorating Ideas for your Apartment

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Apartments are a little more difficult to decorate during the holiday seasons. You are tight on space and need to be mindful of what you use to hang your decorations. We at Legacy Court Apartments in Midvale want you to enjoy your holiday season at our complex so we have gathered some holiday decorating ideas for you to try in your apartment.


Get a Smaller Tree

Apartments aren’t known for having a lot of space. That is why you need to think small when it comes to your tree. Instead you can place a mini tree on a coffee table or side table, and decorate it with ribbon, sparkling lights and mini ornaments. You can also give the illusion of having real gifts underneath the tree by wrapping tiny boxes with seasonal paper.


Replace Everyday Objects

Wall space is limited when it comes to adding holiday decorations. Instead you can replace one or two of your usual wall pieces with holiday decorations. For example, replace the current photos in frames with photos from holidays past to set a happy and festive mood.


Decorate your Door

While you might not have the opportunity to cover your home in lights this year, you can still show your festive side to your neighbors by decorating your door. For a warm welcome to your guests, hang a festive wreath which can be made of anything from hard candies and garland to ornaments and fabric.


Decorate your Table

Your place settings can be transformed to make the perfect holiday-themed table. Choose colors that coordinate with the rest of your space, whether that’s reds and greens or silvers and blues. Mix and match various shades using glassware, napkins and plates. Leave it out throughout the season to add some of that holiday charm or decorate for when your guests gather for a delicious meal. It is up to you.

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