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Are you looking to relocate? Legacy Court Apartments in Midvale, Utah could be your solution. After viewing the apartments we have available you will be well on your way to moving into our apartment complex. We have gathered some tips to help you in mastering the moving process.

Have a Plan

In order to have a stress free move you will want to take the time to plan out your move a few weeks in advance. Start by purging some of your belongings. Moving items that aren’t used is a waste of valuable time and space. Remember to take the time to make all the necessary address changes and set up your utilities for the day you move in. It is also a good idea to set aside a duffle bag with enough clothes and food to last you a few days during the moving process. Digging through boxes trying to find your toothbrush can add unnecessary stress.

Moving Supplies

Before you can start the moving process you will need to invest in some moving supplies. Some moving supplies you should consider getting are small and medium sized boxes, bubble wrap, tape, and box cutters.

Pack Smart

The best way to pack up all of your belongings is by room. This way you can have an easy time when it comes to unpacking. Remember to never pack too much in a box. Over packing a box can cause damage to your items. When packing fragile items make sure you individual wrap each piece in bubble wrap. Be as detailed as possible when it comes to labeling your boxes. You are bound to be unpacking and organizing your home for a few days, it is nice to know where and what is in each box.

Loading the Truck

To ensure the safety of all of your items you will want to make sure you are loading your moving truck properly. Start by loading the boxes first. You will want to place the largest and heaviest boxes on the bottom and go lighter as you go up. Pack it in tight so the boxes won’t move as much during transit. When placing heavier furniture items in the truck, make sure you distribute the weight evenly. Use straps when necessary.

You can easily master the moving process by following some of the advice above. Before you know it you will be loving your new apartment at Legacy Court Apartments in Midvale, Utah. We have a few apartment layouts to choose from so you can find one that suits your lifestyle. Call us today to schedule an appointment for a showing.

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