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It is always and exciting and memorable time when you get your first apartment. Legacy Court Apartments in Midvale, Utah could be the perfect apartment complex to start out. We offer a variety of apartment options and prices to help you find the perfect apartment to call home. Below we have listed some decorating tips for when you finally get to move into your new place.

Stick with a Look

Whether you have furniture already or still need to purchase some, try and stick to a particular look or theme you like. In regards to furniture, the plainer the better. This way they can transition into different design looks in the future. Stick to a particular color theme for room accessories such as curtains and pillows. In order to get a better idea of what you like in regards to design, look at fully decorated rooms to see how each piece works with one another. Don’t be afraid to get creative and add personal touches to make it your own.


You can either go with one cohesive color theme throughout the house or choose to mix it up in each room. Either way it is up to you. Although you can’t paint your new apartment, you can paint your furniture to have it coincide with your décor. Thrift store finds are the perfect items to douse with paint and personalize. To make sure your colors won’t clash look at full room design examples or pick up some paint swatches to compare color pallets.

Be sure of Size

After getting your new apartment you want to make sure you measure your space accurately. This way you know exactly how much space you have available for furniture and storage. While you have your measuring tape out remember to measure entryways. This way you know you can actually fit the bigger items you own through the door.

Buying Furniture

If you are just starting off and need to purchase the majority of your furniture, start with the larger pieces first and get the necessities. You will need large items such as a table, couch, and bed. Once these are in place you have better idea of how much space is left over for additional furniture or accessories. Work with your space and use what you can. Overloading a space will make it feel cramped and unorganized.

Be Picky when Purchasing

Don’t just settle with what one store has to offer. Shop around for exactly what you want. If you purchase what you want, you are bound to use it for a longer amount of time. You want to make sure your purchases go a long way and last a good amount of your life. Shopping around will also give you an opportunity to find the best deal. Several stores might carry the item you want, but only one of them offers it at a discounted price. Your decorating budget will go much farther if you take the time to do some research.

Legacy Court Apartments in Midvale, Utah can provide you with the apartmentyou have always dreamed of. With a variety of options available we can find the perfect space for you at the right price. Please call us today for more information about our apartmentcomplex.

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