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Flowers can take the appearance of any apartment to the next level. They bring a cheerful vibe to your space and their presence will make your place cozy and inviting. Trying to decorate apartments can be tricky if you’re not sure what flowers do best indoors but we have some flower suggestions that will make decorating your Midvale apartment a breeze.


This summer staple comes in bright colors such as reds, oranges, and yellows. Marigolds are great for apartments because they require minimal care and don’t take up a ton of room. All you need is a pot to put them in and a nice window space for them to thrive. They can bloom all year round with proper care and will brighten up even the gloomiest of days.


These are not only a great outdoor flower, they do well indoors too. Begonias are tough and low maintenance which makes keeping care of them super easy. One thing to keep in mind- they do better in cool environments so you’ll need to make sure your apartment doesn’t get too hot to prevent them from dying. Despite requiring a cool environment, they will need sunlight to thrive so place by a window for best results.


These gorgeous flowers are one of the largest plant groups in the world and the options are endless. Some varieties are easier to care for than others but with a little work, you’ll find that the payout is worth it. There are orchids for every type of environment so research your orchid when purchasing and find one that will work with the temperature of your home.

African Violets

These are a household favorite and it’s easy to see why- they’re elegant and come in a rich, violet color. They’re easy to maintain as long as they get a little bit of sunlight each day and regular watering. Be careful not to over do it on the watering though as this flower can easily rot, a little bit of moisture will do the trick.


The hibiscus is the perfect flower to add a tropical feel to your apartment. This blooming flower can reach up to 8 inches in diameter. The flowers only last two to three days but your plant will continue to produce new flowers spring through fall as long as you keep it watered and by sunlight.

All of these flowers will add some brightness to your Midvale apartment and most of them will last all year if you treat them right. We hope you enjoy!

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