Ways to Personalize Your Apartment Without Spending a Fortune

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Tiny house living is becoming more popular. Along with this tiny home trend has come a cultural swing from opulent possessions decorating our living space to strict minimalism. Of course, with these two polar opposites, one can go to the extreme on either spot of the spectrum. We believe that there is a happy medium and that even living in the smallest of our models at Legacy Court, the economy studio (500 sq. ft.), you can personalize your home to make it feel more like home.

Create your own look with color

Like the majority of the other apartments in Midvale, we keep the walls and floor coverings in neutral colors. In this way, it is easier for you to come in and create your own space with adding colors that fit your personality and preferences. Many of our tenants use bold colors for their linens, throw pillows, wall hangings, and kitchen accessories.

You can change your look without breaking your budget

One of the best kept secret sources for home décor is your local dollar store. These stores carry many items that are both colorful and useful. Since the inventory of these stores changes frequently, with many home accent pieces to reflect the current season or holiday, you are able to change your look without spending your entire grocery budget for the month.

Being patient can save you big bucks

For those who like to decorate with door wreaths or hangings, you can either make them yourself or, if you are a bargain master, you can wait until the days following a holiday or change of season and buy your decorations at that time. With some patience and timing, you can purchase home décor items at great savings, with some sales having savings rates of up to 90 percent off of the original retail price.

Find your own style

Many of our residents are living on their own and without a roommate for the first time. This is the time to discover what you prefer. Just because one person likes to fill their home with knickknacks, you may not. There are many people who like creating their style and keeping it the same; it gives them a feeling of stability.

Others like to decorate their apartments dynamically, changing with the season/holidays, or even their current mood. Neither is the “right way” to do it; both extremes are perfectly great. Either way, you can find vibrant colors and pieces that can personalize your living space and reflect your individualism without breaking your budget, combined with the reasonable rents at Legacy Court Apartments in Midvale, Utah.

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