How to Level Up to Expert Gift-Giving

 In General

Nearly everyone is in the same boat at this time of year; we all have someone whom we’d like to honor at Mother’s Day. For those who have lost their mothers or who are bereaving mothers, we honor you, as motherhood isn’t tied to whether your children have earned their angel wings. Moms will always be moms, right?

Gift-giving level expert

We overheard a few people talking and sharing this tip once in the office at Legacy Court Apartments in Midvale, Utah and it was frankly something that we’d never thought of. Let’s take advantage of the tracking and targeting advertising that we see on our devices all of the time and put it to good use to benefit our needs!

Folks, to up the gift giving bar to expert level, it simply requires checking out your wife’s, mother’s, etc. computer or phone, check her Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram for the targeted ads that she’s getting. This will give you clues to what she really wants. Of course, tracking her posts, pins, and boards is a fabulous way to see what she’s dreaming of as well. Think of it, you will be able to get the exact thing that she was looking at without her suspecting a single thing!

Words of caution

You might discover that your mother is a completely different person than you thought. Remember that conversation that we overheard to give us this insight and inspiration? One of these men learned that he’d been giving his mother everything blue for years, thinking that it was her favorite. Come to find out, he found several bookmarks for stores that exclusively sell purple items. She was a closet-purple princess.

We don’t always like the rules, but we can benefit from them

While we aren’t big fans of how our data, interests, etc. are so easily accessible to advertisers, we can say that this is a way that after trying this simple trick for a few birthdays, it works amazingly well!

If you have any more ideas, stop in and let us know, and while you are here, take a look at our reasonably-priced apartments in Midvale.

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