Tips and Tricks to Decorate an Apartment for the Holidays

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For many, cherished memories of holiday decorations bring much joy. When living in a smaller apartment, it can be difficult to find the space to decorate. As you plan for your holiday decorations, sometimes it helps to think outside of the proverbial box. Taking some ideas from residents of Midvale, Utah apartments, you can create a festive environment without spending a lot of money or taking up too much space.

Wrap it up

One of the best tips for decorating a small place is to use as much space as you can from floor to ceiling. A charming and inexpensive decoration is as simple as taking your framed photos off the wall and wrapping them with colorful wrapping paper, adding ribbon or a bow and re-hanging them. This gives your walls a boost without taking extra space. While you are wrapping things, you can wrap doors in a similar fashion. If you choose to wrap your outside door, make sure that you use water resistant paper or decorate white garbage bags with cutouts, etc.

Make a substitute

Most apartments in Midvale, Utah don’t have a fireplace. As such, you can transform a wall shelf into a mantle with decorations and hooks for stockings for St. Nick to deposit treats, because you are on the “nice list,” right? You can hang a curtain rod onto the wall and wrap it with an evergreen garland and hang stockings from it as well to stay festive and maintain a low profile in your limited space.

Look up

You can also hang homemade snowflakes from the ceiling or on windows, walls, etc. This simple craft brings nostalgia and allows apartment dwellers to liven up their space quite simply. The secret to a wonderful paper snowflakes is to use white coffee filters. This medium makes for fun snowflakes and you can be as intricate or simple as you please. If you are adventurous, you can look for patterns online and even make elaborate snowflakes. And don’t forget the mistletoe in the doorway!

Use your nose

So many memories are tied to scents and aromas. For some, cinnamon scented pine cones whisk them right back over the river and through the woods to grandmother’s house. Others love the scent of pine boughs. Look for candles, wax melts, or other ways to bring these scents into your home. Boiling water with a little vanilla, a few orange peels, and cinnamon for a while is a fast way to bring aromatic nostalgia into your nose.

Oh Christmas Tree

Nearly every family has a story about a tree that was too big, fell over, or even was their own “Charlie Brown” tree. Try to find a smaller tree that will fit in your space. You can designate an end table for it and by so doing; you will have some added height for the smaller tree.

No matter how you choose to decorate your apartment for the holidays, try and enjoy the season and remember those things that are the most important to you.

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