Tips to Keep Dry Skin at Bay in Utah

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In these cold and dry winter months, here are a few reminders that I’ve picked up to keep my skin healthy. When I first moved to Utah and found my new home, Legacy Court Apartments in Midvale, being transplanted from a vastly different climate in rural Oklahoma, I was shocked to see how dry my skin was. It’s not like I was in love with humidity, in fact, quite the contrary. After a few weeks of winter and witnessing the world-famous Utah powdery snow, I noticed that my skin became taut, dry, and even scaly.  

Expensive doesn’t always mean better 

Immediately, I ran for expensive moisturizing creams and discovered something else about myself – I hate thick, gloppy creams on my skin. I rationalized that I would either be an alligator or a sloppy, slimy mess. Running back to Oklahoma wasn’t an option, so I tried to find a happy balance. 

Moisten the air 

A helpful neighbor at my new home suggested that I run a few cool mist humidifiers in my home, especially at night in the bedroom. Adding the extra moisture in the air did help, but I had crossed the point of dry skin in which my hands were looking like those alligator boots that grace the feet of the ultra-rich. This was going to take some more help than just a slight mist! 

Consider ointments instead of creams 

Also, at the neighbor’s recommendation, I purchased some Aquaphor ointment and used it morning and night. Even though it can be a bit pricey, I found that it was cheaper than those other creams and a little goes a long way! Always looking to save a little bit, I tried off brands and found them to be runnier and they did not work as well. 

Although it may seem obvious to the others, I was blown away at the difference that the climate had on my skin and hair. Heck, even my fingernails seem more brittle! I really can’t wait to experience the dry heat of summer in a few months, since heat and humidity, I know very well! 

If you’re looking for a reasonably-priced, centrally-located home in Utah, consider coming out to be our neighbor at our Midvale Apartment rentals – you won’t regret it! 

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