Who Will You be Supporting on Small Business Saturday?

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Late Black Friday? Are they serious? 

November always seems to fly by in a blur, what with finishing up the Halloween festivities and gearing up for Christmas. Retailers have already gone into high gear, being that this year, Thanksgiving is about as late as it can be in the month, and they are claiming that as there is a shortened holiday shopping season, defined by the traditional start of the season, Black Friday, that they need to push holiday shopping sooner rather than later. Honestly, last I checked, the stores already are in full holiday mode, which usually comes before Black Friday anyway! 

Have you ever heard about Small Business Saturday? 

Along with all the buzz surrounding Black Friday, there is a growing and lesser-known shopping event on the Saturday following Thanksgiving, known as Small Business Saturday. This event was created many years ago with assistance from American Express to encourage people to look for small businesses in their communities to support. For the first few years, you could sign up to receive a $100 prepaid American Express gift card at no charge, simply for pledging to use it at a small business. Sadly, that is no longer the case! 

Think small business first in person or online 

When you are doing your holiday shopping planning, is there something that you can purchase for someone that comes from a small business? This could be from a brick and mortar store, online, or even direct sales. If you aren’t sure what you want, ask about gift certificates (great for restaurants) too.  

Do you know someone who makes and sells jewelry? What about a photographer? Is someone a representative for a company like Usborne, Tupperware, or Plexus? While they are selling products for a larger company, your friend will receive payment for these purchases. 

As you think about your neighbors at Legacy Court Apartments in Midvale, Utah, can you think of any ways that you can support their businesses? Or are you a small business owner who happens to live at our apartments in Midvale? Please consider participating in Small Business Saturday to help those in our community rather than sending all the business to the corporate giants this year. 

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