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If you are thinking about downsizing or are getting out on your own for the first time and possibly renting a studio apartment from Legacy Court Apartments in Midvale there are a few things you will want to know before taking the leap and signing the lease. Studio apartments usually combine the living space with your bedroom to save you on square footage. Below are some tips for you to consider before making a studio apartment your new home.


Your Bed is in your Living Room

Yes, that is where your bed will be. Studio apartments don’t offer a bedroom separate from the living room. While this may seem weird at first you will soon become accustomed to it and start to see the various positives. You now have a very comfortable space to watch TV, eat, or provide more seating for your guests. Just stay organized, clean, and yes you will want to make your bed every day.


Dividing up your Space

While you may be tempted to break up your space into a ton of different areas all with its own barrier or space dividing curtains. While this may seem like a good idea, you will only want to do this if the square footage is available. Try to remain with an open concept living space and separate areas with rugs instead of heavy curtains.


Control your Clutter

The allotted square footage available in your new studio apartment is going to be very limited, especially once you have all of your furniture moved in. Because of this you will want to make sure you are staying organized and avoiding any clutter at all costs. A pile of laundry on the floor could act as a huge obstacle in the very limited amount of walkway you have available.


Make it your Own

This is your chance to really make a space your own. Living in a studio apartment will give you the opportunity to create a space that you really enjoy being in. Rather than having each room have a specific feel you are forced to work with one space that is literally connected to everything. Add pops of color where you can and personal touches with artwork and posters.


For more information about the studio apartments we currently have available at Legacy Court Apartments in Midvale, call our office today. We can schedule a time to show you floorplans and provide you with a space that you can see yourself living in.

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