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Apartments tend to be the first stop for many people once they leave their parent’s home. In fact, apartment-living is a common situation for many individuals at all stages of life. If you’ve ever lived in an apartment, then you know it comes with a very specific set of benefits as well as challenges. While monthly costs are often lower in apartments than in houses, it’s important to recognize that that reduced monthly cost comes with a price tag. For most individuals, that means that they will be living in a smaller area than what they might consider ideal.

Never fear! We’ve got some great tips to help you maximize your living space and make the most out of your apartment. These tips can help you avoid feeling like you’re living in a cramped area, and can even help you make room for hobbies that tend to require a decent amount of space such as painting, puzzling, or scrapbooking.

Designate Your Space

This is a huge boon, and one that many people never take advantage of! Even if you’re living in a studio, it’s possible to create the illusion of space and organization by clearly designating your living space. This means creating distinct areas for specific tasks. Your office, for example, might be in one corner while your entertainment area is in another. Consider using rugs, different seating areas, or even curtains to help demarcate your space and help enhance your living area.

Switch it Up

When it comes to saving space in a small apartment, an ideal solution is to find pieces of furniture that have multiple different purposes. A daybed that also works as a sofa, for example, is a great way to create guest seating while still encouraging guests to stay the night should the mood strike. This kind of furniture eliminates the need for a separate living area, which saves you some precious square-footage in the apartment. Look for pieces of furniture that you can use in multiple different ways, and also pay attention to wireless technology that makes it a snap to arrange speakers, lighting, and home-office items.

If You Can’t Make It, Fake It

Sometimes there’s just nothing you can do to make a small apartment function as well as a larger one. There are certain decorating techniques you can employ, however, to help give the illusion of space – and sometimes that’s enough. Consider using mirrors and transparent furnishings to give the impression of space.

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