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Having a clean and organized kitchen is essential when you are living in a studio apartment at Legacy Court Apartments in Midvale. We want you to enjoy your new living space so we have provided you with some organization tips for your kitchen.


A Place for Everything

To start with the organization of your kitchen you will want to empty out all the cupboards, drawers, and cabinets. Sort through all of your items and keep only what you need on an everyday basis. Everything else you can sell, donate, or toss. With the extra space you now have you can reorganize and find a place for all of your items. Having a home for each item will help you maintain the organization of your kitchen.


Storage Containers

When it comes to organizing your pantry and cupboards you may need the help of containers. Using containers will help you to stay organized and provide easy access to all of your kitchen accessories. Using clear storage containers allows you to see what you have placed in each container without getting it off the shelf. For further organization you can label each container.


Vertical Space

Most kitchens are tight when it comes to the amount of storage space available for you to use. Get the most out of the space you have by thinking vertical. Install shelving and hooks where you can to store items such as cooking utensils and cooking supplies. Apply adhesive hooks to the inside of cabinets to hang your larger kitchen utensils out of the way. Don’t be afraid to get creative when it comes to finding a storage solution that works for you.


Drawer Dividers

Drawer dividers are a simple way to keep the clutter under control in your drawers. Most drawer dividers can be purchased but a cheap and easy solution would be to create your own. This way you can custom make the dividers to fit the specific items you are wanting to keep tucked away.


With the tips listed above you can have the clean and organized kitchen you have always wanted. Renting an apartment from Legacy Court Apartments in Midvale will allow you to have the space you have always wanted at a price that can easily fit into your budget. To learn more about our complex give us a call today.

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