Patio and Balcony Policy:


Patio furniture and plants are the only items appropriate for patios and balconies. The following is prohibited:

  • Storage of any items including bicycles, sporting or camping equipment, coolers, garbage, boxes
  • Storage of cloth items or drying cloth items (laundry items, blankets, tents, etc.)
  • Signs or symbols
  • Bird houses or bird feeders
  • Concealing the patio or balcony with tarp or any other similar item
  • Any items causing an unsightly appearance as determined solely by our staff
  • Use of any fixed or portable charcoal cooker, brazier, hibachi, or grill, or any similar items (storage of these items is acceptable)
  • Storage of any flammable liquid or gas (gasoline, petroleum gas, propane, any combustible material, etc.)
  • Smoking may or may not be permitted.
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