Cutting the Cord 101

 In General

For most of the residents of Legacy Court Apartments in Midvale, Utah, the idea of streaming entertainment is not a new concept. With all the options available, most people subscribe to at least one streaming source (Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video). Subscribing to traditional pay television services is becoming less common as more people strive to shave their budget.

Pick and choose according to your personal taste

One of the benefits of being a cord cutter is that you can move between services without a contract or penalty for cancelling. You can literally plan your watching habits based on what you want and move around like a kid in a candy store, testing different flavors until you find on that you love. There are several streaming options that give options like a paid cable service. For those who are more accustomed to a channel lineup with traditional cable or satellite television, these services can be a bridge as they adapt to streaming entertainment.

Premium channel subscriptions

Nearly every premium channel available through a cable package is available as a separate subscription service, usually costing anywhere from $9 to $15 per month. These are a great option if there is something that you want to binge watch and then cancel.

Smart TV or streaming device

To receive content, you will need a Smart TV or streaming device that can run apps. Many cord cutters prefer buying separate streaming hardware since Smart TVs can be buggy and have limited space to store apps. Smart TVs’ software can theoretically become obsolete, potentially creating limits on your entertainment in the future. In spite of these potential challenges, a sizeable group go this route due to the simplicity of the setup. Another benefit of a Smart TV is that you can easily control your content with one device and a single remote.

There are two major mainstream platforms for streaming devices, those that are powered with Amazon and those by Roku. As a general rule, the Amazon Fire Stick or TV is great for Amazon Prime members and others tend to lean more to the Roku. Overheating of stick versions of the streaming devices has shown to be a problem, and these devices stop working. Purchasing a short HDMI extender to connect these to your TV without plugging them into the TV itself can help with overheating.

Others go with the Android TV box, but this is recommended for users who are very comfortable with technology since there is more set-up needed for these devices.

No matter the choice that you make for your entertainment, as a resident of Legacy Court Apartments in Midvale, you will find ample infrastructure to stream your entertainment with top-notch options for internet service providers. Come visit us to learn about our amazing community!

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