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It feels like it’s been raining all month long here on the Wasatch Front. And so the last thing on anyone’s mind is the conservation of water, but it’ll be summer before we know it and the western US is still in a huge drought, with California threatening to ration water and employing tiered prices based on water usage, it’s still a good idea for us to be prudent about how we use water and to remind ourselves that the Colorado River Basin is a dry place.

The mighty Colorado, cascading along its muddy course, is the West’s most precious resource, and with populations booming from the Salt Lake Valley to Los Angeles, water use is a bigger issue now than ever before. And although this is a big issue, it falls to the little people, you and me, to shoulder the responsibility of environmentally and socially conscious water use.

With no lawn to take care of, that eliminates one of the biggest water wasters for average people. In fact, with the super taking care of maintenance and water fixtures at your Midvale apartment, you may think that there’s nothing you can do to conserve water. But here are some quick tips that anyone can use around the home, to reduce your impact on the water supply.

An easy one is to take shorter showers and eliminate full baths from your routine. We all know that it feels good to stand under the hot water and zone out, especially first thing in the morning, but in this way you can easily send large amounts of clean water down the drain. A short shower uses between 12 and 25 gallons of water, where a bath uses up to 70.
Here’s one you may not have heard: add food coloring or dye to the water in your toilet tank, wait a while and see if the color starts to appear in the toilet bowl without you flushing, if you see color that means you have a leak.
Keep a Pitcher of water in the fridge instead of running the tap and having to wait for the water to get cold.
Scrape the food from your dishes into the garbage instead of the disposal; the food just gets washed down the same drain as your sink.
Finally, talk to your landlord about installing low flow toilets and energy star efficient appliances.

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