Ways to Stay Sane When Working from Home

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With the governor’s Stay In, Stay Safe directive, Utahns are doing their best to practice social distancing and protect themselves and others from COVID-19. Many of our neighbors here at Legacy Court Apartments in Midvale, Utah are now able to telecommute, which should cause stock for PJs and sweats to skyrocket! As a seasoned work-at-home professional, I’m amused at all of the WAH life challenges that pop into my newsfeed each day. One of the most common topics that comes up is distraction and challenges faced by those new to telecommuting. 

Minimize distractions 

For those who have children who are normally at school or whose spouse goes out to his/her place of employment daily, having extra people at home can become downright difficult. WAH folks have a good routine, if not, they probably aren’t very successful at it! Set up a place for everyone to have a dedicated work/school spot. This spot should be one to which you can go without phone, video games, TV, etc. Set up rules for this space. 

  • Can more than one person work at their work station at the same time? 
  • What about food or drink while working? 
  • Can anyone interrupt another whilst they are in thier work zone? 

Answering these questions and setting expectations can greatly help as the time ticks away on the Stay In, Stay Safe directive. 

Spend a little time as a family/couple 

Having someone around when you’re accustomed to being alone can lead to a long string of distractions and sharing videos and the day can fly by with little else getting done. If you all know that you will have time later to share, laugh, etc., you can focus better on your work. I find that staggering the people in the workstations and breaks helps with my family’s efficiency. 

Set up and spend time alone! 

This is really important. If you find that everyone being together results in stress, becoming stir crazy or even plotting to run away, it’s a long-overdue sign that you need a break. Take one. Set apart some time for each person to check out, be alone, whatever that looks like. This simple effort can be a lifesaver and help you survive being alone in close quarters. 

What are your best tips for staying focused during the Great Global Quarantine of 2020? Let us know!  

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