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Whether you are ready for it or not, school is just around the corner. It is almost time to go back to school. It almost hits when you start seeing all the back to school signs in all of the stores. For most people summer goes by way too fast especially for the kids. Back to school can be a fun time as your kids get new teachers and make new friends. For parents it is time to go back to school shopping. 


There are so many fun things when it is time to get back to school and I think both kids and parents can agree that back to school shopping is fun. As a parent it is a great excuse to spend some quality time with your child and for a kid they get new shoes, clothes, backpacks, etc. Make back to school shopping fun. With the shopping go get some good food to eat. This is a great way you can spend time with each other. Make this an all day event. 


As a kid going back to school can be exciting but also scary. With new classmates and teachers. A great way to help your kid feel more comfortable is to go to meet the teacher. Going to meet the teacher is a great way to break the ice for your child. They can meet their teacher and feel comfortable in that classroom. Encourage your kids to make new friends. Friends can make or break the school experience. Help your child find some friends that they can make a lifetime friendship with. 


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