Prepping your Apartment Sized Closet for Winter Clothing

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Now that you have settled into your apartment at Legacy Court Apartments in Midvale, Utah you can focus on getting your home organized for each season. Organize your apartment where it counts this winter, the closet. Winter clothes are made to be big and bulky and you will need to think smart and strategically if you are going to be able to fit all of your much needed clothing into your closet. Below are some tips and tricks to help you in organizing your closet this winter.


Empty, Sort, and Organize

Winter coats often take up a lot of space. Before bringing out your winter wardrobe, take the time to empty out a closet completely to make room for all of your winter clothing necessities. You will be surprised at just how much stuff you had managed to pack into your closet. Determine what items you currently store in your closet can be relocated to another place in your home. If closet space is available start sorting your winter attire. Take out what you know you will use most often and put them where they can easily be accessed. It is also smart to be picky in deciding what winter attire you will be using this season. Most people purchase a large of amount of clothing they don’t actually wear. You can either store your excess clothing or donate them to those who are in need.


Maximize Your Available Space

By purchasing a coat rack or coat hooks you can maximize the space you have in your home. Often times the space behind entry doors or hallways is left empty. You can easily utilize this space and create an organized storage space for all of your winter accessories. Hanging your coats can allow them to dry out during the wet winter months without ruining your clothing or the rest of the house.


Get Creative

The key to having a clean and organized closet is to get creative with storage. Hide all of your winter accessories in decorative bins. Add hooks to the walls of your bedroom for scarves. You can even get the help of a portable closet to store those extra winter coats and snow pants.


Switching out seasonal clothing is a great way to keep your closet and your home organized as the seasons change. For more apartment living tips make sure you stay up to date with our website’s blog.

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